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May 23 2012

The PCHS Memorial 5k

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Author: Paige Miles
May 10 2012

India Expedition

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Author: Gabriel Figueiro
April 19 2012

Leaving Past Traditions, Finding New Horizons

My name is Tyson Hardcastle. I am 22 years old living in Salt Lake City. A year ago I returned from serving an LDS mission in Samara, Russia. In all, I spent about two years serving Russians in the cities of Orenburg, Balakova, Talyatti, Samara, Saratov and Marks. My time spent there was and still is a meaningful and important part of my life. Read Detail

Author: Tyson Hardcastle
April 02 2012

Stilettos to Hiking Boots

From Stilettos and designer handbags to a hiking boots in South America. True story from Rachel Emery, our Donor Development specialist. Read Detail

Author: Rachel Emery
February 15 2012

Ascend Adventure Travel

Ascend Adventure Travel was first organized in 2011 by CEO Timothy Marti. Drawing on years of humanitarian and travel experience, Ascend Adventure Travel was established with the goal of bringing about positive social change and poverty elimination through participation in the travel and tourism industry. Our passion comes from many successful instances of facilitating intercultural change through reciprocal learning and service experiences over our 30 year history of organizing service expeditions! Read Detail

Author: USA Staff

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