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Peru Rail and Ascend Working Together

Date: Wednesday, March 23, 2011 4:03 PM
Author: Ascend

Beginning the 29th of March, train service will restart between Piscacucho and Machu Picchu.  Because of this, more than a thousand visitors will pass through Piscacucho per day.  Among these people will be locals and tourists, and so that this experience is as positive as possible, PERURAIL is working on education initiatives in this small town.


In fact, last Friday March 19th, PERURAIL did a training workshop for the artisans and merchants that sell food in Piscacucho.  First, there was talk about business management, sales, and expense control in order to teach the locals how to better administer a business.  This portion of the class was provided by the NGO Ascend and was delivered by instructors Rubén Auccahuaque and Tim Marti. This class had 25 food merchants in attendance who were very pleased for going.


PERURAIL would like to thank NGO Ascend and SERTURAM, as well as the merchants from Piscacucho who attended the talk.  We are also proud of the interest these people have shown in learning about and improving their businesses."


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