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Ascend Shipping Plus: Save Money, Save Lives!

Date: Wednesday, February 15, 2012 10:02 AM
Author: USA Staff


Ascend Shipping Plus has powerful relationships with multiple carriers and Ascend Alliance to enable the best shipping rates and service available due to a billion-dollar network, volume discounts and 90-years of experience.
A cost-free way to contribute to life-changing humanitarian work, see the change you are making and save money at the same time.

What are the benefits?

  • Save over 10% on shipping & logistics with excellent service

  • Differentiate your business

  • Build loyalty & satisfaction

  • Enable charitable tax deduction

  • Lift Others, Lift Yourself!


How do we do this?

  • Utilizing exceptional shipping and logistics relationships, international and domestic

  • Employing ‘industry-best’ business intelligence tools

  • Partnering logistics specialists with your supply chain team

  • Drawing on England’s 90 years of experience and billion-dollar global position

  • Partnering with Ascend Alliance—who has 30 years of experience—for tremendous humanitarian impact!



Getting Started


1st       Introduction & Consultation

Schedule a No Cost, No Obligation consultation to review your companies services.  Almost all services we provide are at no extra cost to you so we may keep your interests our first priority.

 2nd    Evaluation

We will evaluate your current services and analyze your data for each service. This is mandatory for us to negotiate with our many partners to provide you the best rates and service improvements they provide.    

 3rd     Negotiation & Consultation

We negotiate for you & work with our partners to get the services & price points needed to reduce your bottom line. Once we receive the price points needed we review savings & service benefits with you to your satisfaction.Our clients have appreciated our strait forward approach and honest assessments.

 4th     Set Up

Depending on the service(s) we are assisting with, set up is very simple. Almost all service discounts are not based on future volume or tiers that are normally required by most companies.

 5th     Service & Invoicing

Depending on the field(s) of service we provide, you will receive EASY to understand invoices directly from our partners or from Tactical Consulting.  We continue to be your main point of contact and assist you with any concerns or questions.




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