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About Us


Our Mission

Lift Others, Lift Yourself

When individuals reach out in service, they become more human, find gratitude, broaden  perspectives and feel positive within. Ascend facilitates exceptional service expeditions and internships in partnership with other organizations, working as a team to lift families in need and strengthen participants--a win-win for all.  Ascend also enables supporters and organizations to “See the Change” they are making, through online, cutting-edge reporting and management tools. See the Change sets Ascend and its partners apart!

Our Approach and Who We Serve

Ascend partners with other non-profit organizations, corporations, groups, communities and governments. Our approach is to collaborate rather than important way we are different! Ascend helps strengthen partnering organizations, teams, communities and individuals. Our service-learning programs are life changing for participants, globally and locally. Our student interns enjoy extraordinary hands-on training to become tomorrows leaders.

Geographic areas served include impoverished communities in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Pacific Islands. Ascend is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, and open to considering new partnerships.

Ascend’s paradigm for sustainability is another example of what sets us apart:

1) Helping our partners grow their operations

2) Facilitating sustainable projects, self reliance and well being;

3) Building Ascend’s sustainability through: a)Socially Responsible Investments where a percentage of companies’ incomes enable ongoing revenue streams for Ascend; b) Endowment Funds, which are set aside to further enable long-term sustainability; c) Recurring, Broad-based Support from participants as a result of expeditions and “See the Change.”