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About Us



In order to achieve our mission, we understand that we must provide those in need with the tools necessary for success.  We have multiple programs that provide unique and meaningful service through expeditions, internships, volunteer work, and donations.  It is through our outreach that we not only lift others, but lift ourselves as well.


The life most changed will be your own. Working hand-in-hand alongside members of impoverished communities, you will not only gain an appreciation and respect for these remarkable people, but friendships and experiences that will enhance your life forever.  Embark on your expedition! 


Our interns develop a sense of self, which is rarely offered anywhere else.  Ascend interns are able to gain significant experience in the world of international humanitarian aid and the management of non-profits.  Ascend offers a position for everyone. Join us!

Local Volunteers

Change begins within each one of us.  The wonderful progress that is made in the communities we serve begins here at home.  Our local volunteers are essential to the success of our organization, and there are numerous ways to help.  Become involved!


Financial contributions are the key to success of any non-profit, and every dollar that Ascend receives is used wisely.  Our donations are multiplied through generous, matching contributions from local businesses, foreign governments, and community recipients.  Ascend ensures that the community recipients have committed to the project, and that they will follow through, which is why you can be assured that your donations end up in the right place.  Donate today!