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"Given the growing importance of our global community, it is essential that students gain international experiences and perspectives in order to be competitive. The work that Ascend interns do is challenging and shapes future careers and life decisions. We have successfully engaged students from almost every career path. Our amazing service learning program is made possible by a team of top students, excellent staff at headquarters and overseas, strong university partners and strong sponsoring partners." Carolyn G. Dailey, President/CEO, Ascend Alliance

Ascend can utilize your expertise and offer you the experience to be involved with humanitarian work at the administrative level. Ascend interns all have one thing in common: a passion for international development. Our interns are successful because of their resourcefulness, creativity, initiative, and willingness to perform a variety of tasks.  Ascend Alliance offers local and international internships in the following three capacities listed and then described in detail below:

  • USA: Headquarters Intern
  • USA/International Intern
  • International Intern
  • International Craig Taft Engineering Intern


Apply Here! Download the Internship Application Form and email it to


USA: Headquarters Intern

There are a variety of US Headquarters Internships available at Ascend.  Headquarters interns will work in a variety of areas crucial to the success of a nonprofit.  Internships are available in marketing, social entrepreneurship, financial modeling, accounting, web-design, graphic design, event planning, technical writing, and many other areas.  Time commitments will depend on the type of internship. 

Ascend Headquarters Internships (please click on internship title to see job description):

  • Event Planning & Public Relations
  • Office Coordinator
  • Financial Assistant to the CEO
  • Social Media/Marketing/Graphic Design Intern
  • IT Intern
  • Technical Writing Intern

Responsibilities can Include:

  • Preparing for and attending Board Meetings
  • Social entrepreneurship business endeavors
  • Assistance in managing in-country operations
  • Event Planning and Participation including the Annual Gala, Annual Conference and Family Fun Fest
  • Graphic Design, Marketing, and Advertising
  • Fundraising and Grant Writing
  • Contributing to publications such as, website content, blog, and articles published in pamphlets, periodicals and other publications.
  • Coordination of International Humanitarian Expeditions
  • Social media outreach
  • Accounting, IT Administration, Public Relations, and Web Marketing
  • Technical Writing 
  • Photo/Video Journalism
  • Administrative tasks such as answering phones, maintaining data base and secretarial tasks.


USA/International: International Expedition Coordinator and Co-Leader:

The Expedition Coordinator/Co-Leader intern will begin at US headquarters and will coordinate the upcoming expedition in preparation for co-leading the expedition.  Interns must be responsible, mature, self-motivated and have good communication skills.  Previous international experience is preferred. 

Headquarters duties will include all aspects of expedition management including but not limited to:project development, coordination with in-country partners, travel arrangements, participant preparation, budgeting, transportation and lodging logistics, and itinerary building. 

The intern will then go on the expedition as a co-leader with the expedition leader. 

In-country duties will include:humanitarian project management, coordination with in-country partners, in-country travel and lodging logistics, participant safety and satisfaction, and program logistics.

Scholarships of up to $1,500 to cover in-country costs only, can be earned through service, management and facilitator skill development at Ascend Headquarters and through expedition co-leadership. 

Scholarship Formula: $10 per hour credit toward expedition expenses.

The internship will require a minimum of a four month commitment.

International:  Partner Organization Intern

The Partner Organization Intern will be placed with one of Ascend’s international partner organizations.  Interns will receive training at US headquarters prior to placement and will be placed with the organization where their skills are most compatible.   International internships require a great deal of maturity, self-motivation and patience.  For overseas assignments, students need to have completed their sophomore year of studies.  Internships are available in each of the countries where Ascend has an operational partner: Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru, and India.  Interns will work hand in hand with the partner organization to accomplish international development projects.  The Partner Organization Internship will require a minimum of a four month (1 semester) commitment

There are two types of Partner Organization Interns:

  • The intern will begin as an International Expedition Coordinator and Co-Leader at US headquarters and will then stay on with the partner organization for a 4 month internship after the expedition.  This is the preferred type of Partner Organization Intern.   Preference will be given to interns who can coordinate an expedition and then stay as a Partner Organization Intern.
  • The intern will be placed directly following training with a partner organization. 


Apply Here! Download the Internship Application Form and email it to