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Ascend Alliance offers the experience of a lifetime by creating individual expeditions and family expeditions in developing countries. All are invited to join in this labor of love. Volunteer participants include people from all walks of life: students, retirees, families, couples, singles, network marketing and even organizations. Working with other volunteers, you can empower those in need and help them Ascend out of poverty.

We specailize in the following types of expeditions:


  • individual expeditions
  • world expeditions
  • global humanitarian expeditions
  • international expeditions
  • service expeditions
  • humanitarian expeditions
  • corporate expeditions
  • network marketing expeditions
  • global expeditions
  • overseas expeditions
  • world expeditions
  • international adventures

Expenses include: airfare, lodging, ground transportation, group meals, and a share in project costs. You will generally have five to six days of service work, although expedition formats may vary. You may choose to live within the community you serve and experience an inter-cultural way of life. Currently, Ascend is taking expedition groups to Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia. You can expect a life changing experience as you open your heart and mind to appreciate a different culture and serve those in need.

By extending your experience, you can go on a cultural tour exploring archeological wonders, protected islands, trekking through amazing terrain, or taking an extraordinary animal photo safari.

In addition to Ascend Expeditions, we offer expeditions with exceptional partner organizations to create an expedition that is best for you. We offer expeditions with the following partners: Rising Star Outreach, The Institute for Self Reliant Agriculture, and AYS.

Expedition Focuses Include:
  • Education: All expeditions have an educational component. Participants promote literacy for social change. Locals learn to read and write, which empowers them to improve their family and community. 
  • Enterprise: Business teams focus on training locals with basic knowledge necessary to operate a successful small business. Teams may offer seminars, or mentoring one-on-one.
  • Technology & Construction: Expeditions may include construction projects such as schools, health posts, community centers, greenhouses, drip irrigation systems, wells, pumps, filters, rainwater catchments, adobe stoves, bathrooms or latrines, etc.
  • Health: Medical teams work in communities, clinics and hospitals. Teams offer training to local doctors, dentists, medical students, and community health workers. Surgeries and health/dental campaigns may also be part of the expedition.
  • Continuing Medical Education: CME conferences provide participants the opportunity to learn and receive CME credits. Participants contribute to the quality of medical information and care available in a developing country.
  • In-Country Expeditions: Ascend offers in-country expeditions so that local volunteers can serve their own people. Ascend’s local staff, drawing on 25 years of experience, works with leaders and volunteers from Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, India, and Cape Verde. 

and embark upon a one of kind service expedition.

For a full list of Ascend's countries of operation please .