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About Bolivia


***We currently do not have any scheduled expeditions for 2013. Please call 801.601.8810 for more information about Bolivia expeditions. 

Generally considered to be the poorest country in South America, Bolivia is also a land rich in natural and human resources. In recent years, many Bolivians saw exciting progress as a result of expanding ASCEND Business Training—ABT—in rural areas. In the past, ABT has focused on small businesses located in urban Santa Cruz. This successful business literacy training program was accomplished by partnering with Rotary International, the Rotary Club of Amboro, Bolivia, and the Salt Lake Rotary Club. Program beneficiaries made meaningful changes in their lives that will have a lasting and positive impact on their families, communities, businesses, customers, and employees.

Recent years have also been a time of tremendous progress in simple technology and construction, spurred by hard-working Bolivian staff, volunteer expedition participants, and on-site training from ASCEND board member and retired engineer Jack Williams. Projects included a library, schools, bathrooms, gardens, stoves, and ovens, which were all enabled by new skills and strong partnerships with the municipalities of La Guardia, 26 de Septiembre, Pedro Lorenzo, and Campanero, as well as non-governmental partnerships with AYS, CRE, COPIJSUD, and Cooperativa San Luis.
The Bolivia Expedition is planned for November 16-26, 2012.